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ramsar bank

Ramsar beach is composed of numerous beaches, the beaches provide appropriate facilities catering to travelers.

Mineral Spa

Ramsar is the only city with a mineral spa, the spa from the mountain Ydvdaray a long healing properties.



Dry roast

Traditional local food is a feature Javaherdeh using fresh ingredients, including sour roast, Mirza Ghasemi and so on.

Swan Lake

Swan Lake Ramsrast of the most beautiful places, the lake is located near the Javaherdeh, facilities include a restaurant, pedal boats Dararst.

Why Ramsar?

  • Ramsar as limited in Shmalyst the sea and mountains together, are very little.

  • Ramsar history is very long so it's attractions such as the ramsar hotels, Palace Museum, Ramsar and more.

  • Ramsar due to the fact that tourism is the city where there are a lot of resorts and recreation.The daily rental villa in the city's ramsar suite prospered.

  • Lifts Ramsar large and diverse collection that is dear to travelers by providing appropriate facilities catering.


Ramsar, unmatched beautiful city! The city is because of the beautiful scenery and proximity to the beach every year during Easter and vacation travelers and tourists host to major cities such as Tehran Ramsar Bashd.nzdyky many of the city's favorite real tourism Shvd.ramsr from the East to the West Branch and lead to CHABOKSAR. There are multiple countryside, suitable climate, quality residential complexes, lifts and other factors that attract tourists. On the other Ramsar Ramsar advantage can be very short distance of the summit to the sea noted that less 30 km.

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motel javaher ramsar

The hotel is very quiet and green environment. On the benefits of this hotel the perfect heating (gas), Fireplace, Internet, strong management, reasonable price, security, etc. This hotel has 19 suites and 3 suites under known as the honeymoon. in this collection there are also restaurants and coffee shops.

The hotel benefits javaher?

free wifi


Beautiful road

local food